Start a conversation about 3 Things for Canada!


We want to make it easy to share and talk about 3 Things for Canada with your fellow Canadians so, together, we can create the ripple effect that will lead to more than 100 million acts of service. Here are some fun tools to start the conversation.


Download the 3 Things for Canada logo in various formats, including options for press and screen. 

Download this button design to make your own buttons, or order some from Six Cent Press. Wear the button on your jacket, hat, bag - wherever - and it is guaranteed to spark a discussion. You can even carry extras in your pocket to hand out.


If you have some card stock and a printer, you’re ready to go! Download our postcard design and print your own to send to friends and family across the country. Receiving a personal message from you will inspire the wonderful people in your life to think about what their 3 Things for Canada can be. 


If you are not sure what to say, here’s some sample text below to help with the writer’s block:


Dear Aunt Judy,


I want to share an idea that I’m really excited about-it’s called 3 Things for Canada. It asks every Canadian to give three acts of service to the nation for Canada’s 150th birthday.


These are my 3 Things:

    1. Picking up garbage in my community park.
    2. Collecting toys for the Children’s Hospital.
    3. Volunteering at my son’s school.


What are your 3 Things for Canada? Visit the website for more information, and then share your 3 Things at, and use the hashtag #3ThingsforCanada.


Think about what an amazing gift we can give to Canada!


PS: Can’t wait to see you at the next family reunion!


Check out these wonderful classroom project ideas, including stickers, and community posters! This package was created by the Village Leisure Centre Community Hub in Calgary.