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You may already know what your 3 Things are and, in fact, you might already be doing them! Your 3 Things can be big or small. Just think about what you’re passionate about and what you can do to help. Together we can create more than 100 million acts of service across the country.


Here’s a small sample of some of the amazing things Canadians are doing:


  • Amber hosts a front yard BBQ to get to know her neighbours.
  • Lori helped sponsor a refugee family from Syria.
  • Sheldon teaches youth about Blackfoot culture, history and language.
  • Ken takes his kids, Adam and Ashlyn, to community building events.
  • Bob volunteers internationally to help improve the lives of those around the world.


If you’re looking for some inspiration, check out our Facebook page to see what fellow Canadians are doing (and don’t forget to post your own 3 Things as well).


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By talking about and sharing your 3 Things for Canada, you’ll help create a ripple effect that will result in more than 100 million acts of service.


It can be as simple as wearing a 3 Things for Canada button on your jacket to spark a conversation or discussing ideas for 3 Things for Canada with your friends and family.


The 150Alliance is an open network of individuals and organizations across Canada working together for Canada’s 150th birthday. They have many great tools to help Canadians take action, including this guide for hosting a Community Conversation.


For more ideas and tools to talk about 3 Things for Canada, visit our Share page.




If there is something you’re passionate about, scale up! Share that idea with your family, friends, and coworkers, and work together toward that big goal.


If you’re a business or organization that is looking for projects to take on for Canada’s 150th birthday, consider sharing 3 Things for Canada with your employees or members. Perhaps 3 Things for Canada can be your organization’s gift to the nation. Think about what’s important to your organization and what your organization can do to help and encourage others to get involved.