Neon Staxx Slot Review

We all have that one friend who is always down for any good time. You know, the kind of person with an amazing wardrobe who loves Life On Mars by David Bowie? Well, if I’m not mistaken-you are this guy! With your style so fresh in my mind from when we last saw each other at clubbing a decade ago…I just knew it would be fate once again as soon as we connected online yesterday evening during our first game session together playing Neon Staxx slot machines on a Facebook page created specifically exclusively just between us 1990s souls reliving those days through gambling entertainment principles only.

Neon Staxx In-game Features

Neon Staxx is a slot machine where players can get their dance moves on. With 5 reels, 4 rows and 40 pay lines to play with in this game of chance – you’re sure not going to want more! But if that’s not enough excitement, how about some Super StAXxx features that will have everyone winning big time? Play it free at Canadian-friendly online casinos today by reading our Neon sustainability staking review.

About Neon Staxx Slot Game

When you crave some retro fun, head over to Neon Staxx and play one of their awesome 80s-themed slots. The NetEnt creation features an elegant yet vibrant thematic design that’ll have players feeling like they’ve been transported straight back into the forgotten years!

You will travel back in time, but don’t worry because you’ll bring some of today’s favourite features. For example; free spins and wild substitutions can turn your typical classic slot into something new, while extra large stacks symbols convert Neon Staxx Online Slot from being just another vanilla game onto an experience!

This NetEnt slot machine has a different appearance than other games because of its striking florescent graphics and uplifting electronic soundtrack. The reels are taller, which makes it seem more 3D rather than just flat colours on top of one another as seen in most cases where this feature is included.

Neon Staxx Slot Machine Gameplay

When you play Neon Staxx, there will be 5 reels with 40 paylines. On each of these lines can be found symbols that offer high or low values depending on their position within the slot machine’s formation – this makes it possible for players to win big time!

The higher paying symbols in Neon Staxx slot(s) are several animals with an 80s vibe. They include electric blue snakes, lilac eagles and bright red panthers that stand out against their neon yellow lions counterparts down the chain, as well as card icons like A K Q J, which can be found all over this game!

Neon Staxx slot game features an unusual wild symbol, which can substitute for any other icon to complete a combination. The pink “Wild” card appears on the reels as well–it’s not just another background colour like you might expect! There are also scatter symbols in this fast-paced video poker format: triangles afloat among bright green circles called Particles (PSA before playing). Collect all three types together during your session at NeonStSaxCassinoâ„¢*and watch out because they may turn into something even more valuable than cash.

Neon Staxx In-game Features

What’s the deal with all those Staxx symbols? They’re not just there for show. When you get a full house in Neon Staxx slot(s), it will transform into an even more lucrative game! The best part is that this happens automatically- without any need to try and trigger its SuperStakes bonus feature yourself (which would probably take way too long if we were talking about one machine).

The pink triangle symbol is coming up again! To activate this free spins round, you need three or four of them on your reel. Ten rounds will be awarded if five symbols are showing and 15 for six pieces; but don’t stop at just winning those amounts-go ahead and spin until your super stacked wild card appears, which could result in even more wins than that – around 20 total with all available bonuses included (including 3x Multipliers). So get ready because things are about to set into motion now.

Neon Staxx Mobile Slot

NetEnt’s Neon Staxx slot machine was released in 2015, and it is somewhat old-fashioned. Regardless of its vintage status, though (or perhaps because they were finally able to upgrade all their online slots), when this game went live on mobile devices with full compatibility?! Well, let me tell you, we took full advantage!

The future of gaming is today with Neon Staxx Slot(s). Play on your mobile device without any downloads or software! The joyous sound effects and vibrant colours make you feel like a pro. Optimized for both Android & iOS devices alike, this game was made specifically to be played from anywhere – even when offline so there’s never an excuse not to play again because it doesn’t connect back2you automatically, unlike other games do, which can sometimes drain battery life fast.

What do we think of Neon Staxx Slot?

The neon lights of the Staxx slot are so bright, that they’ll transport you back to an era where futuristic dreams were reality. If that’s not enough reason alone for playing this game at Canadian online casinos like Butterflystaxxx or Wagonwheelgers Mayfair Ltd., then maybe their other features will appeal – including cash bonuses and free spins?