Help spread the word so every Canadian can give 3 gifts to the nation.


As Canadians, we don’t like to boast much. So sharing your 3 Things with the world might be a challenge. But, if we’re going to inspire 100 million acts of service, we need to share, share, share!


As you do your 3 Things for Canada, make sure you are talking with your friends and family across the country and encouraging them to share their 3 Things as well.


We want to hear from you!


  • Post a photo, video or comment on our Facebook page.
  • Use the hashtag #3ThingsforCanada on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.
  • Send a digital postcard to a friend. Let them know what your 3 Things are, and ask them to take on 3 Things for Canada, too.
  • If you prefer a handwritten note, head over to our Downloadables page to download and print your own postcard to send.
  • Most important: talk about 3 Things for Canada with all the wonderful people in your life. Start a conversation and get people thinking.